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We transform long, ineffective slide deck presentations into digital micro-training courses. Our approach reduces training time by 75% while increasing knowledge retention by 25%.

Micro-Training is an evidence-based approach to teaching new information in a digital format that focuses on a single objective at a time. Offering short, easily digestible content at the convenience of the learner results in significantly greater employee engagement and knowledge retention.

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Meet The Team
Matt D.M. Watson, Ph.D., PMP

"This innovative approach to eLearning is impressive. It’s a whole new way of gaining knowledge in a fun, engaging and time-sensitive fashion."

President of a Regional Shipping business

"It is a new and exciting way to learn! Increasing your mastery level in each category makes it fun, keeps you engaged and learning until you become the master."

Blair W.

I have nothing but great experiences to report regarding the micro pilot! It has noticeably increased engagement amongst our HR test group, and overall, we have been hearing really positive feedback from the group.

Regina H.

"So far, I love it!  It is simple, easy to use, and doesn’t feel like you are taken away from your everyday whirlwind of responsibilities. With me being a seasoned veteran, it is nice to get refreshed on some of the little tidbits that we may not talk to the customer about, that provides value and confidence in purchasing."

Sales Training Manager for a Fortune 500 Company

"My first impression is that it seems to be a quick, easy and effective tool to educate and train our teams."

Tony R.